Frozen bakery products

Nothing attracts customers as strong as the scent of freshly baked bread, and the tempting delicate pastries and crusty bread rolls are a magnetic attraction and a real treat at the shop window of every store, cafe, restaurant or hotel. You do not need the skills of a master baker in order to bake quality and delicious bread or snack. What you really need are the frozen products of PAIN D’OR, which you can store in the freezer until you decide to bake them. The "Hot Spot" concept offers easy and practical use of a wide range of breads and pastries. Parbaked frozen products give you the opportunity to have hot and fresh rolls and snacks during the whole day, and their short baking time ensures the availability of a wide range of constant fresh products. What do you get with the frozen buns and rolls of PAIN D’OR?  1. You save time and nerves with always hot and redolent (aromatic) bread. 2. Quick and easy to prepare, for just a few minutes and only when it is necessary. 3. A variety of types, forms, tastes and aromas. 4. Everyday pleasure – for every occasion and for every taste – for breakfast, lunch and dinner, an addition to each meal, for sandwiches, buffets, menus, catering. 5. Constant quality and superb taste.  6. More clients.